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Master plan

We love cities and villages. When we make a master plan for them, we stay a little bit there, try to find out the genius loci of the places, speaking with citizens and listening the public representing persons. Carefully, all the plus and visions get together and find out the new one, mixed it all together and make a positive plan for future development of city. We really create plan for the future, not only analyse the present condition.

Urban proposal of area

If you want to know: what possibilities you have with your site, what is best for your profit or how it could looks like. Also we find the site with almost the same specification and analyse it, what would be good for you and what would be not economically good. Then we make a proposal with architectural and public spaces proposal with social, economical and technical specifications.

Project for building permission

We do a whole project from the beginning design, through construction drawings to the end with final documentation for public permission. Also, we do all of the drawing you need for the fast and easy way to build your building, with all the details and consultations you need.

Architectural design

Different between an universal project and our project is simple. We know that you are not an universal person, you are unique one and we make your building exactly for you, for your habits and we place it to your specific site.

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About me


I fell in love with the creative process at school. Creation of new and better things for society and life, still fills me. That’s what I want to do in my life and I cannot imagine anything else.


Challenging and complex problems? I like to solve those challenges. Like any logical riddle can practice your brain and than move you to the next level.


Coach and manager of woman’s college volleyball team. From nothing, we are playing the college league now.

Ing. arch. Ladislav Michalka


Urban planning & design