Urban planning

Essen – square


The actions devised to be implemented were categorized into 8 design steps that range from immediate to long-term measures and will eventually changes the image of the square and turns it into a vibrant and diverse mixed space that attracts great amount of visitors. From the public interviews conducted the lack of activities in the square and insufficient management of the square seemed to be the bigger problems than any design issue.

With some modification to the existing layout of the square in the short term, and then evolving over time, the square can alter into the lively, safe and economically vibrant place that is envisioned.

8 steps into Design:

1. Arranging The parking area
2. Creating the market stall and market structure
3. Temporary floor paint
4. Greenery and Seating Furniture
5. Adding the amphitheatre
6. Create sheltered café pavilion
7. Installing games and entertaining facilities
8. Permanent floor material change

Authors: Amir Ashkan Baghdoust, Ladislav Michalka, Martina Ulrichova